The Spanish horses or P.R.E. horses (Pura Raza Española) is an Iberian horse race. They are also called Andalusian horses. 

Very docile, and easily handled when riding or led by hand, the P.R.E. is a horse full of energy and always ready to obey the orders of his rider. He is balanced, courageous, vigorous, noble, intelligent and has a capacity for adaptation and an almost infinite sense of learning.

Harmonious and proportioned lines, thick mane, big eyes, agile, raised, extended, harmonic, rhythmic gaits… a dream horse! Often chosen to appear in movies.


P.R.E. horses for sale in spain

In Europe, Spain lives the golden age. The most remarkable gift of the Spanish monarchy was the magnificent P.R.E. horses. They had an excellent reputation and were decisive in the birth of certain races in Central Europe. 

Breeds like the Lipizzaner, Lusitanian, Paso Fino, or Central European Warmblood Horses were created from the Spanish Horse.

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Purebred Spanish Horses for Sale

Ideal horse for Sport and Leisure Riding

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His abilities and behaviour make the Purebred Spanish horse the ideal partner for sport or leisure riding. Regardless for which purpose you want him, you will have the reliable partner that you need!

Spanish Horses for Sale: qualities

Here are some of the qualities that can make the Spanish horses your first choice:

  • They pocess a center of gravity that is placed naturally toward the hips. This way he has a balance that allows him exceptional maneuverability and comfort.
  • Their perfect harmony between propulsion, impulsion, and extension of their extremities, combined with their brilliant gaits, make these excellent workhorses the kings for classical dressage, Spanish dressage, high school, and the show.
  • They also show us their capacity for Horse-ball! They instinctively know how to leap forward, stop dead and start again like an arrow. Sociable, kind, and respectful towards their riders, they love to play.
  • Unique hiking partners; very balanced and tucking high in the limbs, they simply play with the irregularities of the ground.
  • Their feet are not very prone to injuries or to come unshod during the walk because they have very hard horns and high heels.
  • Agile and resistant, they are also seen in TREC and endurance over medium distances (40-60 km).
  • With an extraordinary will, they particularly stand out in the harnessing maneuverability tests.
  • Ideal flexibility and generosity. They will be the perfect accomplices for any amateur or experienced rider.

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Spanish horses

The global population of PRE horses is currently almost 170,000 bred in more than 60 countries.

According to the racial model that appears in the rules of the PRE, all coats are allowed.

Although the most frequent coats are grey (which clears up over the years and ends up white at the end of their life) we can also find lots of bays, quite a lot of black and chestnut, and significantly fewer diluted coatings. 

P.R.E. Horses: official documentation

The Spanish registry is unique worldwide.

Only the Spanish Stud-book is authorized to issue official documentation of Pure Spanish Breed specimens internationally. It is the only one that guarantees racial purity and that has applied the internationally accepted controls for this breed. The passport issued by the M.A.R.M. (Spanish Ministry of Agriculture, Fisheries and Rural Affairs) and the ANNCE (National Association of Pure Spanish Breed Horse Breeders) is the only document that guarantees that the specimen is a Pure Spanish Breed.

Spanish Horses: Breeding

The oldest breeder of the Spanish PRE horses, still active and still in the hands of the same family, dates back to 1731. This means that for 280 years, Spanish breeders have worked with passion on their animals with the aim of obtaining horses of great morphological and functional quality, with good adaptation to dressage and without losing the nobility and beauty that characterizes the Purebred Spanish horse.

The ANNCE (National Association of Purebred Spanish Horse Breeders) started in 2004 the “Genetic Improvement Program for Spanish Purebred Horses” with the aim of helping P.R.E. breeders to achieve its objective.

To do this, they carry out performance checks and genetically evaluate the specimens for each of the three skills considered in the Improvement Program: Classic Dressage, Morphology and Saddle Skill.

After the genetic evaluation, the specimens which have obtained one of the categories of the Improvement Program (JRR Recommended Young Breeder, RA Improving Breeder or RE Elite Breeder) are published in a Catalog of Breeders in order to disseminate the genetic qualities of these animals to breeders, technicians and sympathizers of the breed. In this way, they communicate the improvements and make great genetic progress in the least amount of time.

The illusion and constancy with which breeders and technicians work in the permanent search for perfection, today results in high-performance, elegant horses of extraordinary beauty.

All the stud farms that we will visit are therefore a guarantee of quality and offer a serious commercial policy by offering prices that are as fair as possible in line with the quality of the specimen.

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Vous verrez à quel point il est facile et amusant d’essayer des chevaux avec l’aide d’un expert. Non seulement vous gagnerez du temps et achèterez dans les meilleures conditions du marché, mais vous vous amuserez et apprendrez beaucoup de choses sur les chevaux ibériques !