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We are proud to offer you only top Lusitano horses! We maintain the highest standards of selecting horses that are physically in great shape and also possess exceptional temperaments. Our partners are experts in nurturing the natural abilities of each horse, instilling them with confidence, responsiveness, and an innate desire to please their rider.

By getting a Lusitano horse from our selection, you will acquire a remarkable equine companion

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Lusitano horses for sale: a diverse selection

Browse through our diverse selection of special Lusitano horses and be prepared to be entranced by their fluid movements, expressive eyes, and captivating presence. They are mid-size of  162 cm and have a great combination between surface area and mass. Extraordinarily athletic and flexible, they are ideal for dressage competition. Finally, their speed, balance, and ability to react quickly made them really popular in the bullfights in the past.

Today, you can also become a proud owner of a great Lusitano horse. See the variety in our catalogue! Select him according to your taste! Choose from a variety of coats: from different shades of greys, through classic to bright, coats, each horse possesses his own unique charm. This makes the selection process a delightful, and to some extent, a challenging experience.

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Lusitano for sale Portugal

Lusitano horses for sale in Portugal and Spain

The Lusitano horse is a symbol of Portugal’s cultural identity. Known as the « horse of kings » in the 17th and 18th centuries, its studbook is very old, dating back to 1889. It underwent a period of decline due to the craze for English Thoroughbreds and sport horses.

He is now experiencing a resurgence in popularity thanks to the horse show and his performances in dressage.

Descending from the Iberian Peninsula’s ancient horse breeds, Lusitanos were historically known for their skills in war and bullfighting. Over time, due to their versatility and gentle temperament, they were used in classical dressage, working cattle, and even carriage driving. Today, the Lusitano continues to stand out in international competitions. He is admired for his expressive gaits and harmonious connection with his rider.

Get your Lusitano horse straight from his motherland Portugal! We also have a great variety in Spain! 

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Lusitano horses for sale for USA

You are located in the United States, Canada, or in another place of the world and would like to order a Lusitano horse? You have come to the right place! You don’t need to travel all the way to Spain or Portugal to get your wished horse. Here is how we proceed:

  1. We will ask you to send us a short video of your riding at all three gaits. 
  2. We will advise you if the horse you have chosen is appropriate for your riding level or will offer you another one in case it is not the right one for you. 
  3. You will receive recent pictures and a video of the horse. 
  4. We will schedule a video conference so you can see and experience the horse “live”.
  5. You can ask all the questions you want to the owner/ rider. 
  6. You buy the Lusitano risk-free! In case you are not happy with your horse upon his arrival, we will help you sell him and get your money back. 

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Lusitano horses for sale: reasons to get one!

The Lusitano has a strong-willed character and an exceptional, gentle, and very stable mind. He is naturally receptive to any learning. Friendly and obedient, he shows great qualities of courage and knows how to keep a cool head, which is important as a working horse.

Is that what you are looking for? Then you have come to the right place! We are delighted to present a remarkable selection of Lusitano horses for you that will captivate your heart!  It doesn’t matter whether you are passionate about dressage or working equitation, a discerning equestrian enthusiast, or simply seeking a companion for your leisure time! We have the right horse for you!

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Lusitano horse price

The Lusitano horses are exceptional horse bread with historical meaning. They are searched by riders, breeders, and enthusiasts over the world.

If you are asking yourself how much you should invest in  a Lusitano horse, you should know that there are a few factors that have an impact on the price:

Lusitano Horses: Age and Training Level

The age and the training level significantly impact the price. You can find a younger Lusitano horse with unproven potential at an affordable price, whereas a well-trained horse requires a higher investment. 

Lusitano Horses: Physical Attributes

The physical attributes of Lusitano horses are also important in determining their price. As horses with grace,  expressive gaits, and a well-balanced body are more desirable for different activities, they are generally offered at a higher price.

Temperament and Personality

The majority of the buyers search for Lusitano horses with calm and cooperative temperaments. If the horse is intelligent, sensitive, obedient, and willing to work with humans, his price will be higher. 

Heritage and Bloodlines

If a Lusitano horse has prestigious and well-known roots, he will be more expensive. Often breeders put a high value on such horses in order to keep the family tree.

Lusitano Horses: Location and Market

You will get significantly different prices according to horse’s location and the local market.  For instance, ordering a horse from us will help you save a significant amount of money compared to getting him from USA or Canada. Normally, you could save about 30%. 

Please note, that there are additional expenses, such as veterinary control before purchase and transport, that you should consider when calculating the investment for your Lusitano horse.  

Contact us and let us know what is your budget. We will offer you the best Lusitano horses according to it!

Lusitano horses: what are they used for?

Lusitano Horses: Dressage in High school

By his history, the Lusitano is one of the breeds selected for the discipline of dressage, and particularly for the high school. His conformation and naturally lifted gaits allow him to compete at the highest level. Thus Odin, the first Lusitano stallion to join the Cadre Noir de Saumur, presented himself throughout Europe for his work under saddle and on long reins.

Lusitano Horses: Competition at an Olympic level

The Lusitano is more discreet in the discipline at an Olympic level, which requires a very good step, a very elongated trot, and a gallop with a lot of projection. The size is also notable, the judges being accustomed to horses from the north. 

Some Lusitano breeders, therefore, seek to produce horses of a « modern » type that can meet these criteria. Some subjects are thus represented on the international scene, one of the very first in history being Orpheus, the dressage horse of Catherine Durand-Henriquet who led her rider to the 1992 Summer Olympics in Barcelona. 

Lusitanos: Used to Herd and Sort Cattle

Like the Purebred Spanish, the Lusitano is also a very agile and responsive workhorse, historically used to herd and sort cattle.

Participant in Bullfighting in Portugal

The Lusitano was therefore naturally selected for bullfighting. In Portugal, bullfights do not involve killing in the arena. It is also considered a great dishonor to see your horse injured in a fight. Therefore, the Lusitano was used as a reliable partner.

Lusitano horses: Used in carriage

The Lusitano horse is also used in carriage: the 4 Lusitanian carriage of Mr. De Mello, led by Félix-Marie Brasseur (Belgium), after having been 4th at the World Equestrian Games in The Hague in 1994 and won the Trophy of the International Award of the F.E.I in 1995 and 1996, was crowned World Champion in individual and by team in Waregem at the end of August 1996.

Lusitano horses for Show Jumping and Horseball

The Lusitanian can also reveal great qualities in other disciplines. Thus Novilheiro is a Lusitano who began his career in eventing before being associated with John Whitaker in show jumping. He won thirty events in his first year and in 1983 he was the most-awarded show jumping horse in England and the fastest horse on the circuit 28. A team made up of Lusitanians is also vice-champion of Europe in 1993, 1994, and 1995 in Horse-Ball. World Champion in individual and by team in Waregem at the end of August 1996.

TREC horse

Finally, the Lusitano is also a good TREC horse.

You see all the purposes that the Lusitano horses have been and are still used for. Is your purpose among them? If so, don’t hesitate to contact us and let us know which one it is! We will offer a perfect match for you


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