Dressage Horses


Dressage as a discipline shows the ability of a horse to perform intricate movements with elegance, race, and precision. A special connection between the rider and the horse is created where they communicate through subtle cues, displaying harmony and love.

Select your new companion here! We will help you to choose your perfect match. 

Dressage Horses for Sale: a Perfect Partner

What you need to have success in dressage is a reliable partner. We are selecting our horses ourselves and know them well. We offer you only horses that have the temperament and athleticism, and are willing to become a great part of your life. We will make sure that the horse you are choosing is compatible with you. What is more, he will complement your riding style.

Moreover, our horses not only excel in dressage but they are also great companions. They have been raised with love and care, and have developed trust and confidence, so they will be your perfect partner. 

We offer a variety of Iberian dressage horses. Browse through our catalogue to find yours! If you want, you can choose the horse according to the dressage style that you need! 

Buy dressage horses

If you are looking to buy dressage horses, you have come to the right place! 

A great selection of dressage horses awaits you! All of them are warmbloods – Iberian horses – known for their excellent dressage qualities, as well as for their beauty and grace! 

When purchasing dressage horses, it is major to know the qualities of the horses that distinguish them. You will surely want to look for a horse with a strong body, good temperament, and expressive gait. A horse with a calm character will build a strong bond with his rider and triumph in the dressage. 

If you are clear about your goals, it will be easier for you to meet the buying decision. Maybe you are a beginner looking for a horse who will help you develop your riding skills. Or you already have years of riding experience and search for a horse to take you to the next level. Knowing your goals well will help you choose the right horse for you in no time.


Go to our catalogue and check the box according to your riding level in the “Rider” section on the left-hand side. This way you will be able to choose a horse according to it.

If you want us to help you select the right dressage horse for your riding level, don’t hesitate to let us know. It’s a pleasure for us to make the connection between exceptional dressage horses and their future owners!

Spanish dressage horses for sale

We offer a great variety of Spanish dressage horses. Known for their elegance, beauty, incredible character, and obedience, they can be your perfect dressage partner. 

The Spanish dressage horses distinguish themselves by their movements! You can not fail to fall in love with their elevated, rhythmic trot, and their majestic pace. Their ability to perform intricate movements with finesse and flair is a testament to their intelligence, agility, and willingness to partner with their riders.

Check them out in our catalogue! Please check the PRE box in “Race”!

Lusitano dressage horses for sale

Another great choice for dressage horses is our Lusitano. Each horse has been raised with great care and has been carefully trained to become excellent in dressage. Regardless if you are a seasoned dressage competitor or leisure raider, we have the Lusitano dressage horse you will want to accompany you on your journey! 

Visit our catalogue and see for yourself the variety of Lusitano dressage horses for sale! Choose the dressage style you are interested in and check the “PSL/ Lusitano” box in “Race”!

If you still don’t find what you are looking for, don’t hesitate to contact us!

Dressage horse price

Dressage horse prices can vary significantly, ranging from affordable to extreme. In general, there are different factors that influence them such as breed, age, bloodlines, training level, character, qualities, etc.

Dressage Horses: Breed

The breed plays a significant role in the price determination. All warmbloods, such as Spanish and Lusitano horses, are great at dressage. This will influence the horse price.

Dressage Horses: Bloodlines

Buyers often look for horses with certain bloodlines, whose ancestors can demonstrate excellent performance in dressage in the past. This will determine a higher price for the horse compared to horses who don’t have any known ancestors.

Age and Training Level

As usual, the age and the training level will also play a role in horses’ price. Younger, untrained horses will be probably more affordable than seasoned, well-trained dressage horses with proven capabilities.


A horse who has won competitions and can demonstrate excellent performance in dressage will be higher priced than a horse who has no such experience.

Dressage Horses: Seller’s reputation

The seller’s reputation will also have an impact on the price of the Dressage horses. Reputable establishments, known for the breeding and training of horses for dressage will require higher prices as they are able to demonstrate good results of the horses they have sold in the past. So you can rest assured that you will acquire a high-quality dressage partner from such a seller.

Location and market

As always, the breeder’s location and market will also influence the price.  For instance,  by buying your dressage horse from Spain, you will save at least 30% compared to buying him from the United States.

If you are looking for a reliable partner to buy your dressage horse from, you are at the right place. See the variety of dressage horses for sale on our catalogue! You can also contact us and let us offer you the best horse according to your needs and budget. 


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